Autism Sensory Problems Can Be Helped

Many children have issues with their senses. These issues usually are called sensory issues and can include hearing, touch and visua senses.

Taste and even movement can be include in these problems and the way they are perceived. These issues are not limited to autism, many brain injured children have many issues such as this. In the child with autism these problems are more pronounced. Autism sensory issues can be quite complex and hard to understand.

Sounds especially high pitched and loud will often disturb children with autism. No no one is sure what they are experiencing however, these children always do better in a quiet environment. These children do not experience the world as we do. They may be so bothered by sound and touch that they try to shut them selves from the world. Many of the behaviors that we see and call inappropriate are simple the child trying to deal with his sensory issues. A child who is called a picky eater may not like the texture of the food. A child who flaps his hands and covers his ears may be trying to say that the noise and excitement is just too much. Think about what you do when you see a snake or spider, and you may have an idea of how children with autism feel in ordinary situations.

There have been new approaches to treating these issues and they are called sensory integration techniques. These ideas are based on the fact that people with these issues have problems in the way they perceive the information that are sent to their senses. The therapies are varied and can best be described by a vocational therapist.

There are studies that show that this type of therapy can have a profound effect on autism sensory problems. They can help the child with autism learn to live in a world that to them is so confusing. Hopefully more parents will realize these treatments are available and can even be done by the parent. We continue to have a epidemic of these children and hopefully we can find helpful treatments that can make life more manageable for them.

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